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Stage Padding

Fixed stage padding is manufactured as a pre-fabricated corner using anyone of the standard foam options from the fixed wall padding line of products, laminated to a 7/16-inch SFI® certified...

724 Hinge top return stage padding is manufactured in a 2 ½-in- dual foam thickness on both face and return. Each mat is sewn with loop attachment along horizontal edge of return for connection to...

FH style top return stage padding is manufactured of 1 ½-in- thick polyethylene foam filler on both face and return. It comes in standard 4-ft- and 5-ft- lengths x 12-in- face and 12-in- return....

No top return stage padding is manufactured in any one of the three primary removable wall padding foam thickness options (1 3/8-in-, 2-in-, 2 ½-in-).  It is made in standard 2-ft- accordion style...

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We are confident in the ability of our products to stand up to the demands of your application. Each is unconditionally guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase.

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